Can Lean Six Sigma Implemented in My Company?

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Lean Six Sigma Pill

“OK, I have understood the Lean Six Sigma basic overview, but how can that excellent theory approach implemented in my company? “

That would probably the first question that come up when someone have interest on the Lean Six Sigma. Yes, they don’t have any idea how and which part that Lean Six Sigma can reduce their cost, minimize the waste, give improvement on the processes, or give the bottom-line result that the management will love it.

“As most people know, the Lean Six Sigma is implemented in manufacturing industry. How if my company excluded from that? E.g. services, hospital, or even IT department?”

Don’t worry! As long as there is a process in your industry, it could be improved despite of whether it is a manufacturing or a service. There are always defects in the process steps, delays between steps, and increased cost along the way. Then Lean Six Sigma can provide the solution for that.

If you are from services industry, go find where the major delays, expenses / costs, errors in the process.

And if coming from hospital industry, you can seek the delay in treatment, delay in discharge, medication error, long admission process, etc that resulted the increase cost of long stay.

From IT department, of course we can reduce the cost of invoicing error, billing error, software downtime, multilayer inefficiency that will affect other department performance too.

And the last but not the least, for the manufacturing industry, you could minimize the defect products; reduce the scrap and rework, cut some non-value added processes, etc.

So, whatever your industry is, you can find some key defects, delays, or costs in which to make breakthrough performance that will make your company step aside from the competition.

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