Getting to Know Lean Six Sigma

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By: SSCX – Six Sigma Indonesia Center of Excellence

It is clearly not an easy task for all of us to explain what the true definition of Six Sigma is in a plain language. Imagine you’re in an elevator, a guy approach you and ask you:

“What is that Six Sigma training modules you’re holding?”

you have only 30 seconds to explain Six Sigma, and we believe you will not have the time to explain DMAIC or 3.4 DPOM. So, let’s use simple metaphor to help ourselves.

So, what is Six Sigma?

“…It’s just like the star-rating for hotels. The higher the star-rating, the better the hotel is, vice versa. It’s a universal language. Six Sigma is like that star-rating for PROCESS. The higher the sigma level, the better the process is.

Currently, six-star is the highest rating for a hotel. It’s simply the best in the world. So is a process, six sigma is a level of a high quality process…”

Source: Taken from “Executive Briefing: CEO Guide to Lean Six Sigma” by Premysis Consulting
For full text of Executive Briefing, please do not hesitate to contact us.
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