Good or Good Project?

There are many difference between organizations successfully implement Lean Six Sigma and those who fail. One of the major difference in Project Selection. Yes, you may say top management commitment, organization’s buy in, culture, deployment experts, but still we believe the methodology to select and prioritize a project is key success-factor.

Imagine you’re doing a very simple project, let’s say improving an insignificant process to an insigficant improvement level (increase sigma level from 2.0 to 2.1). And this company runs 20 projects like this!

After several months, they will review the result, and learn “yes, we have finished the projects, but how come there’s no difference in our business process? How come our project’s return on investment is so low?”. Most likely it will reduce their buy in and seriousness in the next coming projects.

Another scenario for you to review. You’re now doing a complex difficult project. Let’s say improving a core process with a very complex case to a very significant improvement target. And this company runs 10 projects like this!

After one year, they will review the result, and learn “gosh! how come there’s no completed project? Where is the big return we’ve been looking for?”

See? Failure in selecting a “good” project will result in failure of implementing Lean Six Sigma. So, how good is a good project?

    Several tips to define a good project:

1. align with corporate strategy or departmental KPIs
2. correct SCOPING (not too wide, not too narrow)
3. bottom-line value creation focus
4. balance between resources/effort (competency, investment, time) with result and complexity

To sum up, choose a good project is a manageable and meaningful project.

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