Measurement System Analysis

Measurement systems are like eyeglasses, when the lenses are incorrect, the vision is blurred. A measurement system allows us to “see” the process. When a measurement system is poor, we lose the ability to make good decisions about how to improve the process.

The IMPORTANCE of Measurement System Analysis?
– Many resources can be wasted trying to improve a process when a major source of variability is the measurement system.
– The measurement system MUST be qualified before beginning process improvement work.
– The measurement system is only one source of variability when measuring a product or process.
– The purpose of a measurement system is to better understand the sources of variation that can influence the results produced by the process under investigation.
– In the Measure Phase, the team must be able to demonstrate that the data is accurate and reliable.

One good tool to analyze the capability of our measurement system is Measurement System Analysis (MSA) also known as Gage R and R. R and R stands for Reproducibility and Repeatability.

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